"In the heart of Sweden"

Natural forest and wildlife sensation

- Hiking trail at Haddebo

Natural Heart in Haddebo Kronopark. Here is Hallsbergs municipality's largest concentration of older bush forests with high natural values.

In order to make parts of this exciting and beautiful forest landscape more accessible, the local non-profit association Hjärtat Eko has made a hiking trail through some of these forest areas. The trail comprises a total of 12 km of hiking trails divided into two loops and a pole.

Almost like in Norrland

The ladder lets us see a today's increasingly rare, older forest landscape. It passes through sparsely, almost northernland-like, older hällmarksskog with stone hills dressed by renlavar and a tree layer dominated by low-growth pines and single old late-growing pines.

As hikers you will experience barrels forests with logs of deciduous trees, wandering through the tallest moss-covered pine forests, walking along beautiful cliffs on the lakes' beaches, and through the hassellunden and birch dune at Baggesand Meadow.

Big and small loop

The nature trail consists of two loops: The big loop, 8 km long, runs in a loop east of the heart-shaped Hjärtasjön and along the western side of the elephant Bavlingssjön.

The little trail runs on the eastern side of Hjärtasjön and is approximately 2.5 km long. The small loop is connected to the Great loop. The loops are marked with orange color and guide where this is required.

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