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Discovering wildlife. Excursions for birds and beavers in the area.


Option 1 :

• We leave at sunrise to witness the wildlife awaking all around us.

• An ornithologist will guide you through the forest to the lake,
  and then to a nature reserve to birdwatch. Learn how to recognize them and identify
  their unique songs. We may also follow animal tracks if we come across them in the wild.

• A homemade picnic brunch is provided for you to enjoy surrounded by nature.

  1. We will be waiting for you at Vita Krala around 13:00 for soup and fika
    (coffee/tea break with homemade cakes, bread, and jam).

    The departure time in May and July, which are the best
    months for birdwatching, is approximately 3:30 am. It is also possible to organize birdwatching in August at 4:00 am or September at 5:00 am.

Option 2 :

• We leave in the late afternoon, time is dependent on the month.

• We guide you first into the forest and then into the Kvismaren or
  Lerbäck areas to watch birds and beavers.

  1. We provide a picnic basket including hot and cold drinks so you may fully experience

    a magic sunset in the wild.
• End of the experience between 21:00 and 22:30 depending on the month.

  Departure times are approximately 17:30 in May, 18:00 in June, 19:00 in July.

  It is also possible to organize beaver watching in September around 17:00.

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